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Fangirl no Bouken (A fangirl's adventure)

After studying in Japan for a year, I'm finally back in my country. 
I was a member of You&J Family Club (was separated and became a NEWS FC member) and Hey!Say!JUMP FC member

Made this post to make a list of concerts, tapings and fan events that I've attending during my stay in Japan ^_^

2011.09.25 Hey!Say!JUMP
Sayonara Natsuyasumi SUMMARY Special @ Tokyo Dome *my very first JE concert! 
(Kis-My-Ft2, Nakai as special guests and performance of members of SZ before they debuted as Sexy Zone)
2011.12.16 Tegomass 3rd Live Tegomass no Mahou @ Yokohama Arena
 (The duo that has the most beautiful voice in JE for me >_<! My fave part was the acapella of Hanamuke)
2012.04.22 KAT-TUN Live Tour 2012 CHAIN @ Tokyo Dome
                 (I love the concert so much and can't wait for the DVD to re-watch it again! it was awesome >_<!)
2012.05.08 Hey!Say!JUMP Asia First Tour 2012 @Yokohama Arena
                 (Purposely didn't listen to their album before this concert and hearing it live for the 1st time was awesome)
2012.05.09 Hey!Say!JUMP Asia First Tour 2012 @Yokohama Arena *Yamada's birthday!!
                 (I just had to attend this day >_<! and cause I know this will be the last HSJ con I can attend T^T)
2012.08.03 Yamashita Tomoshisa Live Tour 2012 ~Ero P~  @Yokohama Arena *has the ticket but was not able to attend X(
                 (I'm sorry Pi for leaving one empty seat for this day T^T)
2012.08.04 Yamashita Tomoshisa Live Tour 2012 ~Ero P~ @Yokohama Areana
                 (finally understand why he wanted to go solo and leave NEWS but I still wish he didn't )
2012.08.14 NEWS Live Tour 2012 ~Utsukushii koi ni suru yo~ @Chichibu Rugby Stadium *my very last concert!! soo special!
                 (NEWS' comeback concert and I'm glad I was able to attend their live before going home T^T)
                 *NEWS Members were crying and we were crying too T^T~ I love you NEWS!!
                 *I will forever support you even though I'm far away. I can;t wait for my DVD!


Special Events/ Fan Events
2012.03.11 Marching J 2012 *went twice to be able to get uplose with JE artists <3 
     (It was a miracle to be able to see JE artists gathered together and we were able to see them upclose!)
2012.03.19 Johnny's Jr. Sports Day 2012 Spring (ジャニーズJr.選抜 野球大会(2012春))
                 (HSJ, Kisumai, Sexy Zone, ABC-Z, Johnny's Jr; Special guests: Tackey, Kame, Koki, Uchi and Yamapi)
2012.04.01 Nakayama Yuma's John Carter Premier Event
                 (Press Event! got to see Yuma and the main casts of John Carter~!!!)
2012.06.17 Arashi Wakuwaku Gakkou 2012 @ Tokyo Dome *first time seeing Arashi <3
                 (I love each of the Member's class; We celebrated Nino's Birthday~)
2012.08.20 NEWS Chankapana Fan Event
                 (Upclose with NEWS members and and hndsh.... *dies)

2012.03.03 YanYan JUMP Live Stage (Hey!Say!JUMP's Bangumi)
                 (Yabu, Hika, Fuma, Kento and Johnny's Jr) 
2012.05.10 Papadoru Taping (Nishikido Ryo's Drama)
                (Finally understand how they tape dramas. It was really hard and time consuming to do for just a scene that will apear for a few minutes *appreciated the hard work of staffs and artists!)
2012.05.12 YanYan JUMP Live Stage (Hey!Say!JUMP's Bangumi)
                 (Yabu, Hika and Johnny's Jr)

*Before going to Japan, I never expected to be able to see them upclose and I'm very happy!! >__<! I could have attended more concerts but I can't afford to attend all ToT *been living only with my scholarship
*I also don't apply to tapings that much because it conflicts with my classes and I'm only alone! (I wished I had a friend who is also a FC member so we can apply together T^T)
*Being a FC member is very worth it! You'll get to attend concert and tapings. so if you can apply! zehi apply!

~It was a crazy/amazing one year for me and it was like I was dreaming for one year!! I'm not sure if I can still comeback to Japan but for now I happy and just focus first on graduating college>>>thesis... *runs away

Hey! Say! JUMP Asia First Concert 2012

I have attended JUMP's Concert last May 8 and May 9(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
~I would just like to share some pictures and some of my moments during the concert <3~ *since I posted this so late XD~

*I won tickets for May 8 via my FC membership but I was not able to get tickets for May 9 that's why I got these from someone else<3.
More pictures and more about my experiences XD~Collapse )

KAT-TUN Live Tour 2012 CHAIN

*a very late post about my experience during KAT-TUN's concert. I just want to post this on my journal ^.^ (I set the date of this post on the day I have attended the concert so that the order of the events will still be organized)

Tokyo Dome (April 22, 2012)
I have seen KAT-TUN before but I was my first time to attend their concert... It was awesome!Collapse )

Super Delicate

Just updating my lifeless page.. Today, I was finally able to buy JUMP's new single, super delicate hihi..


Welcome 2012!

It been a while since I've updated my lifeless LJ >,<.
I have always attempted to update it but I never find time for it @.@

Anyways~ 2011 was really a great year for me. Time is really fast ne.. its almost 4 months since I've arrived here in Japan
I have a lot of things to thank for and a lot of people to thank for m(_ _)m

I'm am never really a smart or talented person. Ever since high school I'm just your normal average student who fails in her Chinese subjects,  obsessed with the "Cool Japan" and of course, our dear boys (*ahem JE). 

Because of my love for Japan, I took the course International Studies major in Japanese Studies with the thinking that I'll be studying culture and language (kind of stuffs) but I was shocked to learn that its not like what I'm thinking about.. XD.. (oh gosh.. its about international politics, globalization, @#%(@^2z290(!!! kind of stuffs) but since I'm majoring in Japanese studies, it was very challenging for me and somehow, I was able to survive until this day. 

Aside from this, because I am aware of the one year exchange program of our university to Japan, it inspired me to to my best (because you need good grades to be chosen and it was very hard because they only chose 1 student per university). I really love Japan ever since I'm in kindergarten ~.. influenced by my dad who loves Voltes V... I learned the fantastic world of anime and watched a lot ever since then.

In deciding which university I should apply...Knowing that my love, Tegoshi is studying in Waseda University (also Nakamaru), Waseda has always been my goal to apply to ever since my 1st year in college. With my friends aiming to be chosen for these exchange programs, we studied very hard (and of course fangirling at the same time.)

One of those friends became my best partner/combination/ or whatever you call it. XD.. Without her help, I know I won't be able to go this far. During bad times and good times, we both work together and made it this far.

Then finally~ in 2011~ the application for Waseda opened!..
The interview was really hard (for me) and I thought I would be rejected for it T____T but oh god.. It's a miracle.. because I got chosen 

I really cried that I got chosen. >.<~ it was really an achievement for me. A girl who doesn't have intelligence and talent has finally achieved something. This was a proof that if you want to achieve something, you can achieve it if you'll give your full heart for it.

Another problem for me was getting my scholarship for this to be able to study in Japan. Because we all know that the expenses in Japan is really high and we can't afford to pay for it all. I got my scholarship results on July 15, 2011 via mail and then finally! YES! I got it! I'm 100% sure that I'll be going to Japan this September for the Fall Semester T____T. I know, I'll miss my family and friends but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to study in Japan and its Wasedaaaaa~!! one of the prestigious university in Japan.

Then finally!~ the most awaited day has finally arrived!!!.. September 8, 2011. The day that I've been dreaming for since I was a child. First time riding a plane, first time going overseas, first time traveling alone. I was really like an innocent child during that time because I was a little but clueless and scared but my excitement really overflows!

Three hours of anticipation and I finally see land!!.. Its JAPAN!!.. the second I saw this picture, I really want the plane to land asap! XD~ haha.. Since the time difference of Philippines and Japan is an hour, its like 4 hours travel time XD~

Ever since I've arrive in Japan, everyday was a new experience for me!. I was able to go to different places like Tokyo tower, Meiji Jingu, Tsukishima, Harajuku, Johnnys Shop, Johnnys Family Club and many more. The transportation in Japan is very convenient and going to different places was not hard even if you don't have any car XD

My violet sneakers! haha.. the sport where NEWS' went for their taping in their bangumi, Soukon

Johhny's big billboard in Shibuya

I would always get excited whenever I see ad's of Johnny's and can't help but take pictures of it XD haha.. gajin da ne~ XD 

and of course!! aside from my blazing fangirl spirit!!!... I became a student of Waseda University!


Sasuga Waseda!~.. The campus and classrooms are very beautiful and I love their facilities. Aside from that the professors are really great. Being able to participate in these kind of program is really a blessing for me. Our opening ceremony was on September 24, 2011 

and surprisingly..... tadaaa~ the next day I attended Hey! Say! JUMP's SUMMARY 2011 at Tokyo Dome (September 25, 2011) OH GOD MY SOUL FLEW AWAY FROM MY BODY THAT DAY. I just arrived from Japan and because of J-ticket international. I got tickets for this concert and was able to see them less that a month since I've arrive here in Japan

I wrote my experience about it here

I was very lucky because my seat was very close! >.<!.. JE-san thank you for being kind to international fans
I was able to see all the JUMP members upclose (but no Ryutaro :'[), also Kis-My-Ft2, Nakajima Kento, Nakayama Yuma, Morimoto Shintarou, AN JELL band! and Johnny's Jr's and during that day, Nakai Masahiro was also a guest.

They were all good looking and of course especially my ichiban in JUMP >.<~ the ichigo prince
*The next day was our first day of class and since I was still in my dreamland mode I was late (just a little min) and entered the wrong classroom
Luckily, it was only class orientations for the first day XD~

Moving away from my fangirl spirit~

Here in Japan, I was able make a lot of friends (exchange students & Japanese students) all of them were nice people. 

It my first time living alone in a dorm and the life style is very different, I still need adjustment cause I have to do everything by myself now (no maid!).*note: we are not rich! In the Philippines it is common to have maid for average people because it is not expensive

Yappari experiencing the culture first hand is really a great experience. Like what we see in drama's and stuffs.. it was really interesting! Aside from this is experiencing Japan's four seasons. In the Philippines, the whole year is summer we only have wet and dry season XD~..  I really like winter fashion that's why I'm enjoying the season right now because I love the clothes! ^.^/

Fast forwrding my days here in Japan.. tadaaaa (part 2)!

I was able to attend Tegomass' Concert!!!! Tegomass no Mahou in Yokohama Areana!!!! (December 16, 2011)


Unexpectedly!!!!!.. My Japanese friend's friend who is an JFC member was able to won tickets for Tegomass concert but at the same time because she won K8 tix for Tokyo Dome, she is sold her tickets to me!.. at it was an Arena Seat!!!.. >.<~!! I applied in JFC too late already that's why I'm very lucky that someone sold this to me! (at the regular price with no additional fee~ a kind fangirl indeed)

My seat was really nice and my seat was the side where Tegoshi appeared!!! GAHHHH!!!!! and of course Massu also came to our side and he was really cute!!!!! ><!! seeing them personally and hearing them sing live was really another dream come true!!! T_____T.. Tegomass and NEWS is really my ichiban group!!! but then because of they were not so active over the past year I was able to have the chance to fan girl about them T____T... 

oh!! that day! Shige and Nakamaru was also there!!!!.. Shige promoted his pink and grey book and he was really handsome >.<!!.. Nakamaru didn't show up in the camera but Massu mentioned that he was there 

Being able to attend JUMP and Tegomass' concert I was able to see my three hubbies!! >.< (Tegoshi, Massu and Yamada).  God.. I don't know what I did to deserve this but I'm very thankful for everything T____T

Another item in my wish list if to see snow!!! and OMEGAD!~. I was able to see snow before the year ends!!!.. On December 31, 2011 , my aunt and uncle treated me to go on a one day ski trip in Niigata ken!.. It was a long way from Tokyo but when I finally saw snow outside the car, my heart went super fast because it really beautiful!!.


My first time seeing snow and skiing! (I still suck at skii though but I want to practice more if I have the chance)

And after the ski trip!~ we made back in time to be able to watch Kouhaku and Johnny's countdown concet 2011-2012!!!.. I didn't balloted for this ticket because it was expensive for me (considering the length of the concert and price) and I still paid a lot for balloting for JUMP's New Year Concert (which I didn't win any X( )  

*Sigh! but because for this year!!!.. it was decided that they are going to have an Asia tour!! I will do my best (and hope for the best) that I'll win tickets for their concert in Yokohama!! >.<!! revenge-suru tsumori desu yo! >.<!!

I still wanted to write a lot about what happened to me but I'm already making this entry long so I just highlighted some significant happenings in my life. 

I'm really thankful for the people who made this possible.. Especially to my parents who supported me with my dreams and even with my fangirl desires T____T..  

I'm finally turning 20 this year (but its still far away~), for now, I would like to say that my 19 years of existence have been really a wonderful experience!.. This 2012, I will keep continuing to do my best both academics and fan girl to make my renaming months in Japan a wonderful experience..

One thing I regretted of not doing is attending Sexy Zone's handshake event even though I have 2 invitations T____T.. Nakaken is my bias btw.. but because I look stressed and not ready (because I was tired of school work and baito). Not going to the event.. I just think that I needed that rest.. but oh well!! more opportunities to come!..

That's why starting this year! I would do my best with my studies and my fangirl dreams!! :D..  

Unexpected Ending!!!

Omgeee!!! Hands down to KimuTaku sama!!!... 

I just finished his drama, Tsuki no Koibito.. he's truly a great actor.
I won't tell the story because I don't want to spoil people who might read this entry *blink blink..
All I can say it.. It was really an unexpected ending!!

thanks to TLS for subbing this great drama!  

I really love the drama plus its ending song and insert songs (now downloading its ost)

I'll just post some screencaps of kimutaku from the drama.. キムタク様は本当にすごいね~♥♥♥

Regolith's Rensuke-san

Omae ga hoshii <<< *dies

he really looks good in suits
plus with shades!
he's so handsome even when he's sleeping

Happy Birthday Ryosuke!


He finally turned 18 today.. I'm so happy for him especially now that JUMP has a lot of projects.. 

Thank you for being able to get to know your existence (arigatou Johnny-san!) even though I know its impossible to meet you, I hope you can feel that many fans support and love you. 
Ganbatte on everything you do. I'm always here to support you. ^______^
Happy Birthday Dear Ryosuke~
Congratulations on JUMP's 7th single! I'll definitely buy it ^_____^
*it was also said that they are going to have SUMMARY 2011.. I'm so excited, I hope I can go to Japan to watch you... (someday...)

Happy Birthday Kei-chan

Happy Birthday to Koyama ^___^. He's finally 27 this year.

I really miss him and Nakamaru in Shokura especially the Gekkan KoyaMaru part. I also him and NEWS because there wasn't any activity since their LIVEx3 last year >.<.. I hope they'll release a new single or even have their own TV show like Soukon.

Anyway!  since this is the time of celebrating... I'll sing my favorite line in NEWS' Happy Birthday

Umareta koto
For being born
deaeta koto
For being able to meet you
Ima soba ni ireru koto mo (arigatou)
That I can be by your side now (Thank you)
Kimi no Happy Birthday
ichinen ni ichido no mahou tokubetsu na hi
A magical, special day that happens only once a year
*copy pasted from JpopAsia

Yaaay!!! Happy Birthday Koyama!!!! 
A very cute Koyama who plays with an old toy car
*since I really miss Soukon, I chose this picture XD

Yes! I'm done watching it

 Yes! It's been a depressing day for me, but finishing Koishite Akuma made me feel better. XD
*thank you to the group, TLS for subbing this XD

I'm really thankful to our dear Johnny's because they can make us feel better even when reality is so depressing.. It's not that I want to escape reality but it boost me to do my best ^_____^

~Nakayama Yuma was really great.. I love his acting..
~Nakajima Kento's role really suits him. He's so energetic and heart warming person which made him cute
~I can feel that Matchy-san is really a great senpai for them. His aura makes me feel like "huwaaa sugoi na hito"
~I was surprised to see Yokoyama You... it made me remembered Hidarme Tantei EYE... he's really good in acting as an antagonist

*Kato Rosa was super beautiful XD <3
Here's a screenshot for Nakaken XD.. hehe.. I'm looking forward to watch "Umareru" which just started airing this month. Nakaken plays as Hayashida Koji (the third child). I'm excited to watch it soon ^______^


Dramas/Movies to watch this summer

yes~ its already mid-april and a week ago since vacation started.. I just wanted to make a journal entry of the dramas, movies (and also anime) that I'm planning to watch this summer

Dramas (Goal: 10):
1. Freeter, Ie wo kau
2. Seigi no Mikata
3. Change
4. Yankee-kun to Megane-chan *finished: 2011/04/28
5. Deka Wanko
6. Bartender
7. Koishite Akuma  *finished: 2011/04/29
8. Joker ~Yurusarezaru Sousakan~*finished: 2011/05/12
9. Bloody Monday *finished: 2011/05/14
10. Tsuki no Koibito *finished: 2011/05/15

1. Hanamizuki
2. Koizora
3. Darling wa Gaikoku jin
4. Liar Game: Final Stage
5. Snow Prince:Kinjirareta koi no merodi *finished 2011/05/16
6. Kimi ni Todoke

1. The World God Only Knows
2. Kimi ni Todoke: 2nd Season
*finished: 2011/04/28